>> Sunday

Windows fuzzy with cold memories

Sun filtering through, Shade of tree,

An arch of green leaves above;

Sun-spots look like Light of emerald!

Reflects the golden glory of the sun.



>> Wednesday

As far as I can see
Green and yellow
Melting together
Swaying in breeze
Rays from their shining petals
Spread happiness in our hearts.


The Script of My Life!

>> Thursday

What tomorrow holds?

My today is bleak and dark

Palms cover my face

Thousand thoughts cloud my mind

I try to read the

Script of life, the gist hidden

Within a page…

Answers are

Maybe or maybe not.

Choice of life is

neither hopeless nor hopeful.

Unrehearsed script waits!

If I could able to rephrase

Script of my life,

What mere Joy it lay!

Let my soul pen down the script

Venture into a new phase

New words, new paths

New chapters, new characters,

New day, new stories

With peace& Joy

The day rewritten

My heart soars with pleasure

And tulips smile forever!


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