River Flow!

>> Friday

Sitting on the river bank
Watching the flowing river;
The river flows quiet and swift
Flow from the Spirit within,
Like a tree breathes air.
A flame burns within,
As water flows across rocks,
River flows like without any resistance.
River flows like our flow of thoughts;
And rivers pause to
Catch rhythm; it splash,
It whispers and murmurs
A song of its own
As like the musical rhythm
Playing over and over
In unbroken drone.
It dance on waves
It twists from side to side
It cuts through rock; cuts through land
Hitting rough waters
and stony shores.
Like a flowing river
Our life is constantly changing;
And some days we are
Tossed hither and tether;
Then lying in peace'
Within tranquil pools
Seeing it flow my heart leaps
In a frenzied beat
Someday I'd like to follow,
A river to its end.


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