>> Monday

Early summer heat
Unwanted guest!
No breeze through open windows;
Stunted arid lawns,
Brown tipped grass,
Leaves curl and drop;
Birdbath is empty…
Under the tree Stillness
Hot heavy air!
Fans monotonously hum;
But bring no relief…
Summer returns!



>> Sunday

What is life?
Life is a mystery,
What is MY purpose for?
I have No beginning I have no end
What is the point of my existence?
Is life real? or someone’s imagination?
Life is a journey of joy or sorrow?
Where things are either good or bad?
And things are all painful or glad
No one can tell what will happen tomorrow
Where no one sees what life really posses
Why no one can foresees tomorrow?
No one knows why we do these things!
Many things hard to understand,
A question that dwells,
Within each of our hearts.
The answer that tells,
With the question is how it all starts.
What is life?
An unsolved Mystery!


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