Nature’s Melody !

>> Thursday

I observe myself in silence

I absorb the universe in silence

I am immersed in silence

I listened the Music of Silence!

Which only the heart can hear;

The Nature’s melody starts

Keeping in tune, to the sound of the heart

The petals move, start to sing

The wind sings a lullaby in the silence;

The laughing river, the gushing waters,

The rustling leaves,The singing bird,

The murmuring wind; whistling breeze,

Fluttering wings, roaring sea;

Laughing flowers, Humming of bees

All Nothing but Nature's melodies!

Performed in perfect harmony;

It’s pleasing to my ears;

 It soothes my heart and soul !



>> Monday

Footprints on my heart,
Reminding me of the past
In the journey of my life!
Casting an imprint of my life
Reflecting many deep thoughts
Some prints are preserved
Leave behind some happy memories
A precious treasure for me to keep!


Change !

>> Sunday

Change is like a river
Nothing that is can pause or stay;
Everything changes with time
Sometime Change is painful
And come without warning!
Leaving one wondering and questioning just why?
Makes us realize that
Changes are inevitable!


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