>> Wednesday

Elegance and grace.
In your beautiful warm eyes
A faint blush on cheeks;
a lovely face that hides
Mysteriously polite.
My eyelids slowly turn up
I look That winsome smile
A naughty wink;
Looks that is incomparable
My heart flutter in
Very charming indeed!!


New Moon!

>> Thursday

Moon dares to come
Closer to the earth;
Busy Earth takes a turn
Cuddles in a blanket of clouds;
Sad Moon hides himself
Stars get their chance
Sparkle happily!


Mind vs Heart!

>> Tuesday

Sitting Silently, Doing nothing;
In scared moments; I heard voice…
Battle between what's right and what's wrong
Heart and mind
Fight with each other,
What Should I listen?
To my Heart or Mind
Mind tries to command,
Heart doesn’t listen
Mind resisted, I Contemplated,
Words move from my mind
Decided to make mind win...
Heart had shoved me to
Dance to its own beats!
Pushing the WANT away
And the RIGHT to the fore
Finally heart wins
Life rejoices!


Life Is a Race!

>> Sunday

Life is a race!
The race is long and hard
We begin with high hopes and dreams-
Determined to succeed them in life
It is full hurdles; it is full of jumps,
There are numerous obstacles:
Which block our paths; What do we do?
Got to run with study pace
Our experiences  makes us tough;
Without falling behind
We have to cross line
Healthy, wealthy, miser and wise.
Everybody will have to be in the race.
We have no choice,
We have to run, the race of life.
While realistic to now and the future!


Phoenix Bird

>> Monday

I'm like a Phoenix Bird now...
So to grow, the Phoenix bird must burn.
I’m falling down…
trying to find the ground.
Know that you will find me;
Reviving and rising up
From the ashes;
Flying' and finding my way
To rises twice as big
Flies twice as high
And there’s no limit...
To the skies upon skies
I will reconstruct myself;
Like a phoenix bird!


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