Morning Breeze!

>> Tuesday

Morning Breeze! 

Tranquil morning walk

Outdoor with early birds;

Walking & Holding, natures hand,

Cool air breeze

Slaps my face

Softly with grace!

Gentle breeze flows languidly;

Reach passing through woods, orchards

Mountains, sea and meadows;

with sweet, whiffed cool touch

And changes the silent world!

Listening to the tune of the breeze,

she sings to me through needles and leaves

nature's song can be seen in the trees!

Songs of beauty,

just a rhythm

without any words;

That breaks silence of nature

to incarnate fusion of nature.

It’s pleasing to my ears;

Celestial cool touch lifts my soul.

Usher inner peace!




>> Thursday

A resting peacock in the field,
Long feathery fans,
So Proud and beautiful;
And displays spreading
out his feathers!
absolutely nature’s
pure delight.



>> Sunday

Beckoned the sky; So vast and blue,
I wanted to fly, like a bird,
It’s Time to Fly High in Sky
Spread my Wings;
To fly high up; to Hold on to faith
Like a Born- Free Bird!


Silence and Space!

your silence
of an eternity
moves in the spaces
between my words
adding meaning to me!

Words without sound
speaks loudly
between words and silence
to discover truth
wave of words or
depth of forever silent!


Morning Walk!

(image courtesy- google)
A cool and humming breeze

Singing butterflies, smiling flowers;

A Cuckoo’s sweet morning song,

The blush of early morn

 Fill my heart with melody,

A pleasant way to start the day

Ah! a solitary Morning walk!


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